Writing Time Problems and Solutions

People often ask me, “When do you find time to write?” I don’t. I make time to write. I do best going down to the local Starbuck’s and settling down with a nice cup of earl grey tea and my laptop. Two or three hours can go by and I don’t even notice. I love it.

Why don’t I do as well when I am home you may ask? Well it’s like this. It begins with setting up the laptop and turning it on. Then I let the dog out. While the dog is out, I make tea. Then I let the dog back in.

I just get comfortable with the dog in my lap along with the laptop and a hot cup of tea beside me, when I find my glasses have developed feet again and have moved out of reach, or more likely out of sight. So, I put the laptop aside, disturb the dog by getting up, and go search for my glasses. While looking for them I notice there are dirty dishes in the sink. I think I should wash them, but the dog lets me know in no uncertain terms, that he hasn’t been fed yet. I feed the dog and read some mail left on the counter using the missing glasses.

I put down the glasses and wash the dishes. It’s time to get back to writing. I just get comfortable with the dog, laptop and cooling cup of tea, when I realize the glasses are still back on the counter in the kitchen. By the time I have found them for the second time, I have noticed six other things that need doing. Some days I never get back to writing.

I make time by setting a couple of hours aside several days a week as an appointment to write, and most of the time I keep it. I like early morning best, as there are fewer things to interrupt me on my way to Starbuck’s. Also, I haven’t yet cluttered up my mind with all the things I think I need to get done for the day. That can wait until I have finished doing the writing.

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