Healing Sessions

Healing sessions

What does an energy medicine practitioner do?

Just as electricity flowing through a wire creates a field in and around the wire. Electrical, magnetic and life force energy flows through the body and creates a filed in and around the body. When the field has some form of a disturbance caused by an illness, injury, or emotional upset, an energy medicine practitioner can bring the field back into balance enabling the body to heal faster, with fewer complications, and less pain.

My practice began with Healing Touch. I loved it. Of all the modalities  I have studied, it is by far the best entry level to energy medicine into energy medicine that I have found.

 However, over time, techniques came to me through the help of my head healing guide, Oreg. He has become a very much loved friend and I am very grateful for his guidance and mentorship throughout my years as an energy medicine practitioner.

  I no longer use specific techniques in my work. I follow the energy in my work with the guidance of Oreg. He has some 300 other entities that help with the healing work. Each one has a specialty concerning the human issues and ailments. Some also specialize in emotional problems that affect the body.

I like working with people who are struggling with issues having to do with the body, mind, and spirit. I help clients find the source of their issue and then do the healing work that brings them back into balance, enabling them to continue on their journey through life. It often takes more than one session.

While I prefer to do sessions one on one in person, I also do distance healing. I have worked with people locally and as far away as Dubai.

Pricing is $100 a session. To encourage referrals, clients who refer a new client to me receive $25 off their next session and the new client receives $25 off their first session. I work best through email. If you would like a session with me you can contact me at Linnie.thomasatyahoodotcom. I look forward to hearing from you.