A Life Lesson

I never know what lesson life is going to throw at me when I get up in the morning. Sometimes those lessons can be fun and sometimes not. I recently had an experience that was both.

A few years ago I hired a nice lady to help me set up this web page. I didn’t believe I had enough money to pay for most of the work, so I had her set up the raw skeleton using WordPress. I bought a book about how to use WordPress so I could do the rest. At the time I thought I could handle entering all the information and details necessary for a good web site. How wrong I was.

It took hours of study to figure out how to do the simplest things for the back end stuff of a WordPress web site. As a result I didn’t do it very often and would forget all the little requirements between entries. I got discouraged.

One of the things my guru set up was a signup sheet for a newsletter. I was to be notified by email each time someone registered to receive a newsletter. I was excited about that. However, I never received an email saying someone wanted to read my newsletters and I lost interest in the whole thing.

Ahem. Now, I need to be more active with the web site. I haven’t touched it for two years. I hired a new guru and decided I needed to pay full price and get the thing done right. My time is becoming more valuable to me than saying “I can do that by myself”.

Top my surprise she found 740 people had signed up for the newsletters and I never knew it. It just goes to show, you get what you pay for.

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