Introduction to Classes

It always amazes me, when I look back on my life, how everything comes together to bring me where I am today. In 1978 I took a class from a company called PSI World, Inc. The first day they had a sign on the back wall that said, “To Think Is To Create.” In my loftiness, I thought. “Well. if you have a problem and you think on it for a while, you can come with an idea to solve the problem. I’ve got this class nailed.”

The following day another sign appeared on the back wall which read, “Thoughts Are Things.” And I thought, “A thought is a noun, therefore it is a thing. There’s nothing hard about this.”

It’s the third day that got my attention. A new sign had been placed on the back wall. This one said, “If you don’t like where you are at, change your thinking.” At that point I realized I didn’t have a clue in the closet what they were talking about. The power of the mind has become a life-long course of study.

Many years later, a friend of mine suggested I learn energy medicine, also known as biofield therapy. I had been working with a young woman who was paralyzed due to a car accident. Together we used positive thinking, affirmations, and exercises to help her regain some of the use of her body. When my time with her came to an end, I felt at loose ends. I loved the work we were doing and wanted to do more. My friend connected me with a person she knew who had taken Healing Touch.

By the end of my first Healing Touch Program Level 1 class, I knew this was something I wanted to teach. The program is so well organized. The research follows standard scientific guidelines. The notebook that comes with the class contains diagrams and the science explaining how energy medicine works. This wasn’t something woo-woo cooked up by a weird person living in a shack in the woods. The program was founded by a nurse and originally only nurses could take the classes. Now everyone is welcome.

I am now a Healing Touch Certified Instructor. It took me five years to complete my certification work. I have reached a point in my career where I have time to teach more classes and intend to enjoy every minute of it. Level 1 of Healing Touch is a two-day class and offers sixteen hours of CE’s.

I use a technique taught by PSI World and other organizations called workshop of the mind. It is the place in my mind where I go to solve problems. One of the tools I use within my mental workshop is called window of the mind. I use it to visualize people and events. I expanded the technique and developed a class which I call Recognizing and Communicating with Your Spirit Guides. People wanting to become proficient as a medical intuitive find this class very helpful and it only takes a couple of hours to learn. CE’s do not come with this class.