Life Changes

I am at a turning point in my life. It is time to close down the bridal work I have been doing for the last 28 years, and devote my time to my writing, teaching, and my healing practice. I am very happy to be doing this.

I love teaching. It is so much fun to observe my students coming in, nervous and not knowing what to expect. By the end of class they are ready to start doing Healing Touch on their own. I do have to admit, I often think I have 15 plus or minus teachers and 1 student (me) in each class. They teach me so much. I can’t help but come to appreciate each student for their gifts to me, to each other, and to the clients they will soon be helping.

Writing is also a source of joy in my life. I just finished the rough draft of a new book on death and dying. I have wanted to write the book for a long time. You’ll be hearing more about it as I get closer to publication time.

Having a healing practice is more rewarding than I can say. I love the work, even when it goes in unexpected directions. That happens a lot. I especially enjoy working with skeptical people.  Seeing the surprise on their faces after they have received a treatment and find themselves feeling much better is the best!

Marketing all of this is a pain in the pringle. I don’t like it to be up front and honest. However, it must be done. I’ll be exploring things like Instagram, Hotfrog, and Pinterest. I am open to suggestions about good ways to get the word out without annoying people.

So it goes. May this blog find you all in good health.

2 thoughts on “Life Changes

  1. Hi Linnie,
    How can I find out more about the Healing Touch classes you teach. You are listed on the Healing Touch website as an instructor.
    Thank you!

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