Linnie Thomas
Linnie Thomas

Great News!

I am delighted to announce the 2010 edition of The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine has been rewritten. Llewellyn Worldwide Publications is the new publisher and has given it a new name:

The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine: A Comprehensive Reference to Healing Modalities from Acupressure to Zero Balancing

Energy Medicine

I am so excited about this new book. Great things have been added. Links to research studies and on line classes can now be found here. All of the modalities listed have been updated. As we learn more about energy medicine, the modalities strive to stay abreast of the changing times. It is exciting to see how much they have grown.

You will find some new entries. A few modalities are no longer teaching and have been deleted. The marvelous Cyndi Dale wrote the foreword for the book.

A chapter on legal issues has also been added. Information you need to know about the language energy medicine practitioners may or may not use on their websites, the need for informed consent forms, and HIPAA rules can be found here.

A long list of organizations that may be of interest to you has been updated with current contact information. An extensive glossary of terminology has also been updated. As we learn more about energy medicine, the language we use changes with new terms frequently being created.

The book debuts April 8, 2023. You may pre-order copies at the following sites:


Barnes & Noble

Llewellyn Worldwide Publications