Linnie Thomas
Linnie Thomas

Great News!

Just out:  “The Red Stone” by Linnie Thomas: April 1, 2024

Aided by dragons, a magical black panther, and a pair of wise grandmothers, a teenage girl strives to save her peaceful people from an invasion of ruthless killers.

It’s my first fiction, a young adult fantasy. The following is the prologue to the new book.


 The fog people crept through the trees on silent feet. Water, trapped by hanging moss, waited for unsuspecting passersby. An eerie quiet settled into the very land itself. Nothing moved.

A body lay half-hidden by bracken fern in a small glen a few hundred feet from a seldom used trail. No broken branches, flattened blades of grass, or bent twigs gave evidence of how it got there. It rested, waiting, with no particular place to go.

Surprise registered on the face. The eyebrows arched and wrinkled the forehead. A small hole, centered between and a little above the eyes, peeked from between two of the folds. No other signs of violence marked the body. No insects had yet appeared on the scene.

The feet seemed to be out of alignment with the body. A mist covered the shoes blurring their image. A shimmering nestled within the mist making it difficult for the eyes to recognize a consistent pattern. At this place, the world shifted out of phase with itself.

The body’s spirit hovered nearby until it sensed the approach of another being. It floated over to the trail, left a marker, and vanished. Mid path, a rock gathered moisture left behind by the fog people. It smiled to itself for it knew what was coming.

Years ago, I went to see my granddaughters who had parts in a ballet showing of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” I was very excited to see it, as I had loved the book series. To my horror, during the show I watched a child thrusting a sword into another child (pretend) and a battle began. I had not realized how violent that series is. The same is true for the rest of my favorite fantasy stories. I don’t noticed the violence so much when I am reading a book, but seeing it on scene changes the image.

I decided I wanted to write a YA fantasy without all the violence. In my books the bad guys gets to do dastardly things, but the heroine does not. It is forbidden on the world where she lives. She must use her wits, and the power of her mind to solve problems, form communication lines with aliens, prevent a war, and, at the same time, go through a coming-of-age ceremony that directs what she will be doing the rest of her life.

Dragons, wood sprites, an invisible black panther, two wise grandmothers, and other characters serve as teachers, mentors, and friends add to the fun as she struggles with the challenges facing her.

Available On Amazon as an eBook, paperback or hard back: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=The+Red+Stone&i=stripbooks&crid=2OJO4DL1LBTIE&sprefix=the+red+stone%2Cstripbooks%2C140&ref=nb_sb_noss_1

I am delighted to announce the 2010 edition of The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine has been rewritten. Llewellyn Worldwide Publications is the new publisher and has given it a new name:

The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine: A Comprehensive Reference to Healing Modalities from Acupressure to Zero Balancing

Energy Medicine

I am also excited about this new book. Great things have been added. Links to research studies and on line classes can now be found here. All of the modalities listed have been updated. As we learn more about energy medicine, the modalities strive to stay abreast of the changing times. It is exciting to see how much they have grown.

You will find some new entries. A few modalities are no longer teaching and have been deleted. The marvelous Cyndi Dale wrote the foreword for the book.

A chapter on legal issues has also been added. Information you need to know about the language energy medicine practitioners may or may not use on their websites, the need for informed consent forms, and HIPAA rules can be found here.

A long list of organizations that may be of interest to you has been updated with current contact information. An extensive glossary of terminology has also been updated. As we learn more about energy medicine, the language we use changes with new terms frequently being created.

The book came out April 8, 2023. You may order copies at the following sites:


Barnes & Noble

Llewellyn Worldwide Publications