The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine
The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine
Linnie Thomas has boldly stepped forth to announce to the world that the time has come to take Energy Medicine quite seriously. The expression of content with over 60 energy healing techniques and approaches along with valuable current contact information offers support to many of us as we can now see the numbers and the breadth of our work and know that we are not alone or isolated.
Books, Linnie Thomas


Wanting to know more about energy medicine?

Having studied over a hundred different energy medicine modalities, Linnie has written a comprehensive book containing description of sixty-five different forms of energy medicine. The book won two awards. Not bad for a first book.

A need to know the laws concerning touch and counseling prompted a second book.

More books are in the works.


Classes, Linnie Thomas


Ever wanted to take a class in energy healing? According to Linnie, Healing Touch Program’s Level 1 is the best introductory class out there.

Have you been intrigued with becoming a medical intuitive?

Ever thought of yourself as an experienced soul, more commonly known as an old soul? Classes are currently under development.



Services, Linnie Thomas


Stressed? Chronic Physical Discomfort? Spiritual issues?

Biofield therapy, more commonly known as energy healing or energy medicine may help.

Got a house that won’t sell?

Perhaps you have a ghost discouraging the sale.