I have explored over a hundred modalities in biofield therapy and energy medicine. Healing Touch Program has by far, the best entry level class content I have found, which is why I am teaching it.

Healing Touch Level 1 provides the student with a broad knowledge of energy healing, both from a scientific background and from a spiritual point of view.  It is thorough and professional.  The curriculum is structured for all classes. The personality and experience of the various instructors are the only variables.

Students learn 16 healing techniques during the course of the two day class. Healing Touch philosophy, a definition of energy medicine, a code of ethics and a  standards of practice are all part of the curriculum.

Recognizing & Communicating with Your Guides is the number one question I get from my students. In this class the student will build a workshop in their minds where they can safely bring in and communicate with their guides, ancestors, and  guardian angels. I used to have the word connecting in the title of this class. However, you are already connected to your guides. It’s a matter of learning how to recognize them and communicate with them that this class provides.

Schedule of  Classes

Healing Touch Level 1: Both local and online classes are being scheduled. Dates to be announced soon. Price $497

I have decided to do in person classes only for the time being.  I live in Oregon.  I’ll have a schedule shortly.

I have friend who is an absolutely fabulous instructor and  teaches online. Contact Anna Marie Newman, for more information.

The following is a current list of her classes

Level 1 HT Jan 27-27th
Level 2 HT March 9-10th
Level 3 HT May 4-5th
Level 1 Anatomy for Healers April 6-7th
Level 2 Anatomy for Healers May 18-19th

Recognizing &  Communicating with Your Guides.  2 day class

January 23, 2024, 4 to 7 PM PST and January 30,2024, 4 to 7 M PST

Location: online                 Price: $145

Recommended classes:

Healing Touch Levels 2 and 3: Contact Anna Marie Newman at for information and class locations and dates throughout the Pacific Northwest.
Advanced Hara Diagnosis and Treatment: Contact Energy Medicine Specialists at
Advanced Chakra Diagnosis and Treatment: Contact Energy Medicine Specialists at