The Wasaru Stones

I started writing this story because I believe there is way too much violence in the stories and movies meant for young adults. I wanted to show how problems can be solved including an invasion from another universe without resorting to violence.

I also wanted to introduce the concept of energy healing to young people. The techniques used for healing in the book are real and a reference as to where classes are available, including special classes for teenagers, will be found at the back of the book.

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The following is the first page of the story.


            The fog people crept through the trees on silent feet. Water, trapped by hanging moss, waited for unsuspecting passersby. An eerie quiet settled into the very land itself. Nothing moved.

A body lay half hidden by bracken fern in a small glen a few hundred feet from a seldom used trail. No broken branches, flattened blades of grass or bent twigs gave evidence of how it got there. It rested there, waiting, with no particular place to go.

Surprise registered on the face. The eyebrows arched and wrinkled the forehead. A small hole centered between and little above the eyes peeked from between two of the folds. No other signs of violence marked the body. No insects had yet appeared on the scene.

The feet seemed to be out of alignment with the body. A mist covered the feet making them hard to see. A shimmering nestled within the mist making it difficult for the eyes to recognize a consistent pattern. At this place, the world shifted out of phase with itself.

The body’s spirit hovered nearby until it sensed the approach of another being. The spirit floated over to the trail, left a marker and vanished. Mid path, a rock gathered moisture left behind by the fog people. It smiled to itself for it knew what was coming