I am a soul who has taken on a character self in order to incarnate on this planet called Earth. I cannot have a soul, because I already am one.

  • I teach people how to recognize and communicate with their guides.
  • I work with people to help them understand that they are a soul and what that means.
  • I teach Level 1 of Healing Touch Program.
  • I write books on energy medicine. The newest one comes out April 8, 2023: The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine: A Comprehensive Reference to Healing Modalities from Acupressure to Zero Balancing
  • I also wrote a book about my search for why I am here. I have come a long way since that book was published. You may be more comfortable reading There Is No Hell, before plunging into my upcoming books about being a soul.
  • I am currently writing two books about how the universes really work and about purpose. I have yet to find a religion that answers all my questions to my satisfaction.
  • I have spent a lifetime looking for answers to my questions of why are we here and is there a purpose for why we are here. I found my answers.

Linnie Thomas