Welcome to the World of Energy Medicine

What is energy medicine, also known as biofield therapy, you may ask?  The terms refer to the use of a practitioner’s hands to assess and balance the human energy field and may help enable healing and wholeness.  Energy medicine in a complementary body of work that integrates with other forms of traditional western medicine.  It is not intended to be a substitute for any other form of medicine, nor do energy medicine practitioners consider it an “alternative” form of medicine.  An energy medicine practitioner’s job is to remove blockages in the energy field and restore balance to the field to help relieve physical discomfort, ease stress and help the body to heal itself.

The role of an energy healer: Energy medicine practitioners do not diagnose problems presented by a client and they do not prescribe medications.   A practitioner, no matter the discipline used, clears, balances and energizes the human, animal or plant energy system to help promote health and healing for the body, mind and spirit.

The following story illustrates how this works.  On a rainy day a construction worker falls and breaks his leg.  It is a nasty break where the bone protrudes through the skin and mud has infiltrated the wound.  On its own the body can heal the leg.  He may not walk again but at least the man will recover from this serious injury.  However, if a surgeon sets the bone, the chances are the man will recover and walk again.  The surgeon’s use of pins to hold the bones in place also increases the man’s chance of walking again.  If someone cleans and sterilizes the wound, there is less chance of infection causing problems.  If someone stitches up the wound the leg will heal with less scarring.  If the man is given antibiotics, he may avoid a staph infection.  When an energy medicine practitioner balances the disturbed field surrounding the injury, the man’s leg may heal faster, with less physical discomfort and fewer complications.